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Capabilities and Services

CenterLine Precision TBI specializes in the bending and fabrication of small tubing from 1/16” to 2.0” O.D. in both tight and wide radii to tolerances as low as +/- .005 inch.    We use hydraulic mandrel and hand benders exclusively to ensure precision results.


  • We work with specialty metals, such as oxygen-free copper, as well as standard copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon in various alloys.  Shapes include round tubing, square tubing, and rods.


  • Fabrication processes available include mandrel tube bending, roll bending, coiling, wire/rod forming, swaging, expanding, flaring, beading, grinding, centerless grinding, machining, annealing, furnace/induction brazing, and welding.


  • Finishing processes available include assembly, cleaning, plating, polishing, electropolishing, and coating.


  • Services include consultation, design assistance, reverse engineering, and pickup/delivery within the greater San Francisco Bay Area.  

CenterLine Precision Tube Bending, Inc.   6355 Scarlett Ct Suite 5 Dublin, CA   Tel: (925) 803-7651   Email:   

Coil Bending